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  • 15th November
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A great article about riding around with New York City’s transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.  Read the full article here.  No time to read the whole thing?  Here are the best parts, including some info about how the bike really is the fastest way to get around town:  

 "New Yorkers should love bicycling. We’re control freaks. We want to get from here to there in a New York minute and moan about the subways and the buses, about lunatic taxi drivers and the gridlock that slows us down.

On a bike time bends. Space expands and contracts.

I looked at my watch when I arrived at 23rd Street and Ninth Avenue, where the transportation commissioner, a keen bicycler, had agreed to meet me. Including a 15-minute stop along the way, I had traveled some 4 miles in 40 minutes, or at a pace of more than 9 miles an hour. City buses average roughly 8 miles an hour, taxis, 9, during midday at this time of year. Making New York bike friendlier is of course a no-brainer for the obvious health and environmental reasons and also because cycling can be the swiftest way to get around.

This was the only way to travel.”

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