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The Little Bicycle Shop at the New Amsterdam Bike Show

I am looking forward to the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show this weekend.  But I am really super excited to visit the Little Bike Shop while I’m there (check out that necklace!):


I’m really excited to announce The Little Bicycle Shop! We at Adeline Adeline have teamed up with our friends at Velojoy to create an accessories pop-up shop at the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show. 

New Amsterdam Bicycle Show is taking place Saturday & Sunday April 28 and 29 at the Skylight Soho - 275 Hudson street. Hours will be 10am - 7pm. The Little Bike Shop will be centrally located booth #16.

Wewill exhibit and sell an exciting selection of well-designed accessories for stylish city travel on two wheels. Here are a few examples of the some of the great things that will be available at the popup shop.

Mopha Tool Roll

Kara Ginther custom designed saddle

Kids Tshirts

Tattly bicycle tattoos

Dargelos Lightening vest

Poka Cycles Chainguard

Just A Jar bicycle themed cards

Rachel Pfeffer silver necklace

Other vendors include Flux, producer of contemporary top-tube bar bags in leather and felt, Oopsmark of Montreal, with hand crafted leather wine carriers for bicycles, Bird Industries of Minneapolis, maker of garters to help prevent the “Marilyn effect when cycling in a skirt.

Also participating are Double Darn Clothing, Dring Dring, House of Talents, Onetwothreespeed and more. 

You can see more info here. Tickets are $15 each available on the New Amsterdam Bike Show website.

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